The light blocking siderails, high quality fabric and bottom seal make it an ideal sleep aid for you. Parents, young children, light sensitive sleepers, shift workers and daytime nappers, fit for all! Perfect for use in nurseries, bedrooms, TV gaming rooms, home cinemas and even photography dark rooms.

A huge 9/10 customers report a better nights sleep with the BlocOut - Blackout Sleep Shade. Better sleeps means a better you. It's that simple.


Collection: BlocOut - Blackout Sleep Shade

Choose your fabric design, then measure your window using our easy-to-follow guide and order your new sleep shade. 

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What is the difference between Inside and Outside Mount?

Inside Mount shades are designed to fit within the window opening itself, you can position anywhere within your recess for flexibility due to the purpose-built 3-sided frame that will enable the shade to mount onto. Outside Mount is designed to sit on the front edge of the recess, overlapping slightly on either side.

What is best to use to measure correctly?

We advise on using a metal measuring tape. Measure to the nearest 1/8 inch to get precision fitting.

What type of window does the BlocOut shade not fit?

The BlocOut shade is unsuitable for victorian sash windows, angled recesses, inward opening windows or bay windows. If you are unsure contact us!